Best mediterranean : How to make boiled shrimp

How to make shrimp is one of the most popular foods globally, and shrimp is characterized by its many benefits, including low calories and fat. Some eat shrimp instead of meat, shrimp regulate heartbeat and high blood pressure, and some describe shrimp as a treatment or may say that it helps fight cancer. We will show how to cook boiled shrimp one of most Best mediterranean food..

Ingredients :

 Three hundred grams of peeled shrimp cleaned well, indicating using frozen shrimp.

 Two large fresh tomatoes.

 Three cloves of crushed garlic.

 Two sheets of bay leaf, or bay leaf. A tablespoon of dried and ground thyme.

 Chopped green onions - you can replace green onions with two regular onions.

 Two tablespoons of olive oil.

 Three tablespoons of white rice

 liters of boiling water. A tablespoon of tomato puree.

 One cup fresh coriander, finely chopped.

 Pinch of salt. Half a teaspoon of black pepper.

 Slices of lemon to decorate.

How to prepare

 - Put the amount of shrimp you want to boil in a suitable saucepan, pour the amount of water on it, then put the saucepan on medium heat.

 - Add crushed garlic, dry thyme, bay leaves, and fresh tomatoes to the boiling water to give the shrimp a delicious taste and eliminate any unpleasant smell or taste.

 - Leave the pot on the fire until it boils and the prawns are fully cooked.

 - Remove the shrimp from the water, and put them on a side dish until use.

 - Put the remaining broth in the electric mixer, grind all the ingredients well, and return it to the pot over the fire to heat it.

 - Cook the onions in another saucepan over medium heat, add the tomato paste, and saute it for a few minutes.

 - Add the onions and tomatoes to the stockpot, stir the ingredients well and leave them to boil for a few minutes.

 - Add the amount of washed rice or pasta to the broth on the fire, and leave it until fully cooked. And this process may require a time of no more than seven minutes.

 - Season the broth with salt, black pepper, and coriander, leave it to boil for a few additional minutes, and it is preferable to taste the broth to make sure that it does not need any additions before serving.

 - Boiled shrimp served with lemon and white rice.

enjoy Best mediterranean food with us

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