mediterranean couscous salad : How to make Maghreb couscous

 Couscous (pronounced food in Algeria and in Morocco and eastern Libya, couscous in Tunisia and western Libya), is a historical Berber dish. mediterranean couscous salad is made from wheat or corn flour in the form of small granules, and eaten with spoons or by hand. Cook with steam and add meat, vegetables, milk, butter and fine sugar according to tastes and occasions.


  03 cups of water.

  1/2a kilogram of all-purpose flour.

  One teaspoon each: nutmeg, cinnamon.

  Powdered sugar - as desired.

  Small spoon of salt.

  02 tablespoons of fat.

  Raisins, almonds for garnish.

How to prepare mediterranean couscous salad

1- Mix the water and salt well.

2- Put the flour in a bowl, then put a little salt water over it in the form of a thin thread, mix it with the  other hand, and continue to put the water, mixing until we get what resemble grains of rice from the flour grains.

3- Beat the flour mixture in an electric mixer until it becomes like small granules


4- Put the mixture in the couscous pot, and cook it for half an hour on steam until it is done.

5-  Heat the ghee in a pot on the fire, heat the couscous in it, then put the nutmeg, powdered sugar, raisins, almonds, and cinnamon on top of it, and serve it hot.

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