Best mediterranean : How to prepare Tunisian samsa

One of the famous sweets in Tunisia one of the Best mediterranean food that can be prepared quickly without baking in the oven is the Tunisian Samsa sweets, a type of sweets designed with dough flakes. These chips are either prepared at home or bought from shops. The dough chips used in preparing the samsa, called On the Tunisian side, has the name boiled paper or jaw ache, and it is called in the Arab Mashreq countries the samosa dough. Also, the name of Atrashiya is called the term rose water, and Valjean on sesame, and here is the method of preparing the Tunisian samsa.


½ ounce peeled almonds, finely chopped.

Glash packet, 20 pieces (boiled paper - samosa chips).

Four tablespoons of aromatic (flower water).

A small cup of ground pistachios.

A small cup of fine sugar.

Three tablespoons of butter.


Two cups of sugar.

Cup water.

Two tablespoons of lemon juice.

How to prepare

The first thing to be prepared is to prepare the syrup, and here is the way. We prepare a bowl and put the amount of water in it, then add the sugar and stir it well until it melts a little. We put it on medium heat until it boils, then add lemon juice and mix well until the diameter becomes thick, and the time it takes Until the diameter is prepared for only fifteen minutes.

The second step is to prepare the filling, where we prepare a bowl and put the number of almonds chopped into small pieces. Sometimes they are boiled so that the elderly can chew them, with the number of almonds and the number of ground pistachios also added. We stir the ingredients well when adding sugar and the amount of aromatic, and mix the ingredients well until they stick together.

After mixing the ingredients and preparing the filling, we bring the goulash sheets. We brushed the goulash and cut them into equal pieces, so they stuffed and wrapped. To control the goulash's elasticity and maintain its consistency during frying, the goulash leaves greased with butter on both sides of the same sheet. The greased paper, and we put one tablespoon of the filling, and we roll the report from the sides in the form of triangles or the state of squares or rectangles according to the shape we want, then we press on the sides of the pill and make sure that its edges are cohesive.

Now we fry the samsa seeds. We prepare a bowl with sufficient oil, let it boil for five minutes, and then fry the paper until it turns red on both sides. The color of the sauce becomes blonde. Then we put it aside until we finish frying, it dipped in syrup for three minutes, Then it is placed on a serving plate and sprinkled on the face of the jellyfish or ground pistachios and served to eat.

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