Tunisian Chicken Madfoun

Tunisian cuisine is famous for its many delicious dishes, so many seek to learn some famous dishes in this kitchen. Many famous programs explain to viewers how to cook some Tunisian dishes, and in this article, we will explain the cooking methods.


  02 teaspoons of soy sauce.

  Sliced, skinless chicken pieces.

  Squeezed lemon.

  A cup of soaked rice.

  Pinch of saffron.

  teaspoon vinegar.

  1/2 a tablespoon of red pepper spice.

  Two tablespoons of chicken stock powder.

  1/2 a tablespoon of salt.

  1/2 a tablespoon of curry.

  Three pieces of chopped onion.

  1/2 a tablespoon of cumin, and the same amount of mixed spices.

  A clove of crushed garlic.


  Pepper horn.

How to prepare

* Put the lemon, vinegar, spices, saffron and soy in a deep bowl, and mix them well.

* Add the shredded chicken to the marinade and leave it until it is flavoured.

* Put the onions on low heat until they wilt and give a golden colour.

* Add to the onions, chicken stock powder, two sticks of cinnamon and pepper, and mix well over low * heat until the pepper is soft.

* Put the marinated chicken over the onions and peppers.

* Add a cup of water to the seasoning mixture, and mix the water in the bowl well until the spices combine with the water, and the residues settle to the bottom and add them to the onions and chicken.

* Reduce the temperature and leave the pot on the fire for a third of an hour.

* Boil the rice at half a boil without making it mature.

* Ensure the chicken is cooked, and after it is cooked, add the rice to it, and leave it on low heat for ten minutes.

Watch this video to learn how

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