Metal Gear Solid Collection credits on PS5 and PS4 are missing Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima is no longer included in the credits of the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol 1, which will be released later this week on PS5 and PS4. His name is still prominent throughout the game, though. The new game packaging thanks "all Metal Gear staff and fans" without mentioning any specific contributors by name. Of course, the veteran's name still appears in the original credits, which are still in the games.


Kojima didn't work on this particular compilation. Therefore, Konami will likely claim he should be given something other than credit in the new wrapper. However, with his original creative vision, the games obviously would exist.

Since the director abruptly left the Japanese publisher about ten years ago, there is little doubt that their connection is tense. Since then, Kojima has established his studio, which most recently produced Death Stranding, and is working on a PS5 sequel. Given how long it's been since the game's launch trailer, we'll see more of it before the year ends.

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