A vulnerable House Democrat was heard bemoaning the Trump Kool-Aid supporters in her area during a Zoom conversation

A Democratic representative from Pennsylvania, currently facing a challenging reelection, expressed disappointment upon discovering that her constituency, due to redistricting, now includes a county strongly supportive of former President Donald Trump. In a recent Zoom call with fellow Democrats, Rep. Susan Wild discussed her feelings about representing a county that, in her words, 'drank the Trump Kool-Aid' after the 2022 redrawing of electoral boundaries.

During the call, Wild, who has represented Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional District since 2018, mentioned how her district expanded to include Carbon County, a GOP stronghold that overwhelmingly supported Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Despite Carbon County's shift to a Republican majority, Wild narrowly won the 2022 midterm elections.

Wild acknowledged the change in her district's dynamics after the inclusion of Carbon County, previously a working-class blue district that turned red with strong Trump support. She expressed dismay at the transformation and discussed her initial concerns about representing the county.

In response to these comments, Wild clarified her commitment to representing Carbon County and assisting constituents with federal agencies. She highlighted her efforts, such as opening an office in Lehighton, to connect with and serve her constituents.

These recent remarks follow Wild's earlier statement where she suggested the need to 'school' rural Trump voters to gain their support. In July 2022, she mentioned the possibility of educating Carbon County voters on what she perceived as the 'error of their ways.' This statement was part of a virtual meet and greet.

Wild's previous controversial comments include comparing a Supreme Court ruling on prayer in public schools to the practices of the Taliban during a radio interview in July 2022.

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