Don't get too excited, Motorola wants you to wear its revolutionary bending phone like a watch

At Lenovo Tech World '23, the firm showcased its adaptable display design, which has a bending form factor and a few AI party tricks.

Have you ever wondered, "Why can't I just slap this thing on my wrist?" while you glanced at your dull slab phone? No? There are now two of us. But that same thing may be how we use our cell phones in the future. Or, at the very least, in the future that Motorola sees.

Additionally, OnePlus' first foldable makes Samsung and Google's models seem archaic.

Motorola introduced its new Adaptive Display idea today at Lenovo Tech World '23, a shape-shifting Android phone that can be twisted to various degrees. The 6.9-inch slab, for instance, can be turned into a C-shape and used like a wristwatch.


Motorola advises combining this wrist-worn mode with one of its brand-new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that generates a phone background that matches your wardrobe. With Samsung smartphones and Galaxy smartwatches, a similar phenomenon has been seen.

For a more comfortable viewing experience, the top half of the Adaptive Display idea may easily be bent upward. You get a 4.6-inch display in this self-standing posture, perfect for video conferences, social media feeds, and other vertically aligned work. The use cases can be changed.

Price and availability are not an option for this ideal phone because they are not feasible. I'm interested in the phone's durability, the practicality of wearing something so hefty on your wrist, and how uncomfortable it will get after a long day at the office. Can I even provide a case for this?

Additionally, Motorola debuted the "Motorola" at this year's MWC.

Of course, there are many more questions, but these unanswered ones make me think that Motorola's phone, that replaces the wristwatch is unlikely to be released. The smartphone market is slowly but gradually shifting toward foldable form factors, so introducing someth

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