Former opponent of Biden claims that Trump would win in today's election and charges the DNC of undermining democracy

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang recently spoke in South Carolina, where he is actively supporting Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips's primary bid against President Biden. Yang expressed concerns about Biden's popularity and suggested that if the election were held today, former President Trump would win.

Yang emphasized the negative sentiments towards Joe Biden among voters, particularly independents in crucial states like Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan. He urged Democratic insiders to focus on addressing these concerns rather than blindly supporting Biden.

In discussions with South Carolina primary voters, Yang encountered skepticism about Biden's chances of winning in November. He acknowledged having conversations with voters, including middle-aged African American women, who believed Biden was not well-positioned for success. Yang shared his agreement with this perspective.

Andrew Yang

Critiquing the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Yang accused them of undermining democracy by canceling primaries in Florida and North Carolina. He emphasized the importance of promoting democracy within the nomination process, including hosting debates and fostering genuine competitive primaries.

Yang criticized the lack of vocal opposition within prominent Democrats, especially those who ran for president in 2020 alongside him. He described Biden's nomination as a "coronation" and suggested that many Democrats refrain from challenging Biden due to fear for their political careers. Yang highlighted the self-interest and conformity driving Democrats to avoid challenging Biden, even when faced with polls indicating Trump's lead.

In contrast, Yang praised Dean Phillips for his willingness to challenge the establishment and pursue what he believes is right for the country, despite resistance from within the party.

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