Following the Supreme Court's decision, Trump advises Biden to : fight your fight yourself

Former President Trump addressed the public from Mar-a-Lago shortly after the Supreme Court handed down a unanimous decision in his favor, allowing him to remain on the 2024 primary ballot in Colorado. He expressed gratitude to the high court for its unity in the ruling and anticipated its forthcoming decision on his presidential immunity appeal.

Trump attributed his legal challenges to President Biden, alleging the use of judicial and prosecutorial influence for electoral purposes. The Supreme Court's ruling in favor of Trump's challenge to Colorado's attempt to remove him from the primary ballot is expected to impact similar efforts in other states.


Emphasizing the principle that courts shouldn't interfere with election processes, Trump highlighted the significance of allowing voters, not courts, to determine candidates' eligibility. He projected confidence in his polling numbers, claiming to surpass President Biden in most polls.

Regarding the pending Supreme Court hearing on presidential immunity, Trump argued that without full immunity, presidents would lack the freedom to make critical decisions. He cautioned against prosecuting presidents for actions deemed beneficial to the nation's interests.

Trump criticized what he perceived as coordinated legal attacks orchestrated by the Biden administration and expressed his desire to win based on his policies rather than legal battles. He outlined his policy priorities, including tax cuts, lowering interest rates, and addressing international conflicts.

He accused President Biden of failing to secure the borders, describing the situation as unsustainable and a matter of national security. Trump urged immediate action to close the borders, citing the influx of individuals from various troubled regions and the associated criminal activities.

Trump stressed the urgency of border control measures and called upon President Biden to act decisively without seeking congressional approval, drawing on his own experience in border management during his presidency. He labeled the escalating migrant-related crime as a significant challenge undermining the nation's reputation worldwide.

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