LeBron James becomes the first player to record 40,000 points in NBA history

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's long-standing NBA scoring record, once thought to be unbreakable, has now been surpassed by LeBron James. Last year, James overtook the Hall of Famer to claim the title of the NBA's all-time leading scorer. Adding to his impressive feat, James became the first player in NBA history to reach the 40,000-point milestone in his career during a game on Saturday.

Heading into the game, James required only nine points to achieve this milestone, a task well within his capabilities given his consistent performance. Despite an initial airball, he quickly regained his rhythm and scored the necessary points, achieving the historic feat with a spin move layup in the paint.

LeBron James

James, often referred to as "The Chosen One" since his notable feature in a 2002 Sports Illustrated piece by Grant Wahl, has solidified his status as one of the greatest athletes of all time with this accomplishment. Even at 39 years old and in his 21st NBA season, he shows little sign of slowing down.

Notably, James maintains impressive statistics, averaging 25.3 points, 7.9 assists, and 7.1 rebounds per game this season. He joins a select group of players, including Nikola Jokić, Luka Dončić, and Trae Young, in averaging at least 25-7-7 while playing over 50 games this season.

Furthermore, James's scoring prowess after turning 35 stands out in NBA history. His average of 27.2 points per game surpasses that of Michael Jordan, who held the second position with 22.5 points per game after the age of 35. James has played in 245 games since turning 35, demonstrating remarkable consistency and longevity.

Despite his remarkable achievements, James continues to look towards the future. He has expressed his desire to play alongside his son Bronny, who is eligible for this year's NBA Draft, and possibly with his younger son, Bryce, who is showing promise for the future. With his ongoing performance and determination, there is speculation that James could extend his career for at least two more years, further cementing his legacy in the NBA.

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